Lift Your Voice


  1. Lift Your Voice Betsy Carter 3:46

I’ve learned a key to victory: keeping my focus on Jesus and putting praise in my mouth. And most important, having a thankful heart. I don’t do it perfectly, but I know that if I will do these things, no matter what I’m facing, I will have a successful attitude and ultimately I will come through with the Lord.
Though darkness fills your life right now
And visions have grown dim
The task at hand is toilsome
And circumstances grim
Thanksgiving and rejoicing
Is planting faithful seed
Lift your voice in praises
He’s everything you need
Lift your voice to the skies
And start to praise Him
Lift your eyes and see
The new horizon
You’ll be amazed as you praise
That the Son comes shining through
Lift your hands and receive
He comes for you
You may feel unworthy
With failures in your way
Your prayers seem to go unnoticed
The past crowds every day
But Jesus is your righteousness
In Him you are complete
Rejoice in your salvation
In Him there’s no defeat
Lift your voice to the skies…
I lift my voice and praise Him
I lift my hands and praise Him
I lift my eyes and see
He comes for me
Lift your voice to the skies…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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