King! King! (duet)


  1. King! King! duet Betsy Carter 4:14

I felt this song was a natural for a Christmas album. Especially the bridge, which talks about Jesus coming to earth. My good friend Richard Ladd sings with me on this version of the song. I’ve ministered with Richard many times and it’s always a blessing for me. The solo version of this song is on “Still Totally Loved”, and a version called “King of Kings” is included on “Musicals” in the “By Faith” presentation. It is always very well received, praise God, no matter which version! Glory to His Name!
In this world of kings and kingdoms
Where governments abound
Over presidents and royalty
And men of great reknown
Rules a King far more powerful
Than all of them combined
We will crown Him, crown Him
King! King! Master of everything
Sovereign indeed, monarch supreme
Glorious King
King! King! Ruler of everything
Reign in our hearts
As we proclaim You King
In this world of kings and kingdoms
We often bend our knee
To the idols of selfishness
Our arrogance and greed
But there is One far more worthy
Of devotion in our lives
We must crown Him, crown Him
King! King!…
In humility He came to earth
A pauper’s Son
From obscurity He made His world
A better one
And in victory He gave His life
His Kingdom come
And this world will bow down
Before the King…
Reign in my heart
As I proclaim You King
(King of Kings, and Lord of Lords)
I proclaim You King…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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