Kept By His Love


  1. Kept By His Love Betsy Carter 3:48

One of the most important Biblical truths I ever learned is that I cannot keep myself. I cannot keep my salvation or my lifestyle in a Godly manner. I must have Him, His Spirit, His love, His Word, to sustain my salvation and combat the old desires and old ways. One of the most important words in my Christian experience has been “yield”. As I yield my life to Jesus’ life through me, I am empowered to live in a more Godly way. At one time I used to attempt to battle sin BEFORE I could come to Him. How wrong that is! It has an element of arrogance, that we could possibly do anything without Him. My ministry scripture, John 15, contains the bottom line: without Him we can do NOTHING! Amen!
Kept by His love, kept by His love
Kept by the fountain of His
Powerful blood; I’m
Kept by His love, kept by His love
Kept by His marvelous, glorious
Incredible love
It is no honor or credit to me
The things that I have done
Sins of the past or the
Acts of today
Are not what I lean on
My only hope is in one Man
His grace to me is found
In the sacrificial love of God
Given through His Son
Kept by His love…
It is an often impossible thing
To live this life below
My heart’s grown accustomed
To life from above
This flesh will have to go
My only strength is in His love
His Spirit life in me
It’s amazing how His righteousness
Is all the Father sees
Kept by His love…
I’d fail the test
If He were to leave
I’m one small step from what I was
Except for His love
Kept by His love…
Kept by His fabulous
Wonderful, invincible
His marvelous, glorious
Wonderful, incredible love
(c) Betsy L Carter
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