Jurassic Park


  1. Jurassic Park Betsy Carter 4:40

My management company challenged me to write a song that would go with a music program I was using. I have a long picture that has many relatives from 1929, to my knowledge all gone now. I thought about dinosaurs in relation to people and that was the seed of this song. I loved the movies, by the way!
There’s a picture on my piano
It measures four feet long
Four hundred eyes are staring
My ancestors bored with my same old song
In black and white accusing me
Of living my life two dimensionally
Creating accomplishments with no eternity
I remember a motion picture
A classic filmed quite recently
Entrepreneurial island
Fantastic adventure made mysteriously
So deadly and entangling
I think I’ve been jungle-tramping selfishly
Thinking life’s a lark
Like Jurassic Park, ooh
Jurassic Park; like Jurassic Park
Ooh, Jurassic Park
Don’t build on illusion
No giants in the dark
Dinosauric shadows, Jurassic Park
(Only what’s done for Christ will last)
Oh, don’t build on illusion
No giants in the dark
Life doomed for extinction
Jurassic Park
(Only what’s done for Christ will last)
So I got up bright and early
And sat down and wrote this song
With four hundred eyes reminding me
That earth-life doesn’t really
Last that long
A cinematic moment
But I’ll be doing color photography
Black and white’s too stark
Jurassic Park, Ooh Jurassic Park…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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