Judgment Day


  1. Judgment Day Betsy Carter 3:19

When I received this song from the Lord I couldn’t write down the lyric fast enough. This is the original song, which is pretty much the same as it was used in the musical “Dear Master” and the one-person presentation “The Second Day”. One line is different and doesn’t include the narrations that are in the musicals version.
You’ve got it all together
Everything is swell
The condo is a dream
Vacation plans just gel
Your business is growing
Investments pay
But will it really matter
On the judgment day
Your attitude is positive
Your look is right
Each word you say is gauged
To make your future bright
You know you’re going places
You’re on the sell
But will you look so positive
Down in Hell
You may have some letters at
The end of your name
Family, position, education and fame
People always listen to
Each word you say
But will you be successful
On the judgment day
What does it matter if
You gain the world
Just to lose your soul
Or what will you trade in
Exchange for your soul
You say I am rich I have
All that I need
But little do you know
How much you need indeed
You’re wretched, poor and naked
And you’re spiritually blind
And all your earthly treasures
Will be left behind
Buy pure gold, purified
From the Man Who laid down the price
Jesus has purchased
Great riches for you
Your knowledge and your cynicism
Won’t have power
When you face the Master
At the judgment hour
Then you’ll wish you’d listened
To these words I say
But it will be too late
On the judgment day
(c) Betsy L Carter
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