Judge Not


  1. Judge Not Betsy Carter 4:19

It’s so easy to become judgmental and critical of others, and ourselves. I try to remember that I am called to love, not judge. Having discernment without condemnation can be a delicate matter. We cannot embrace sin, but we must always love the sinner. This is not easy. I think Christians come off so many times as condemning because we call sin what it is and don’t compromise truth. The world will judge us. We love them in return. That cannot be done except by the Spirit of the Lord. What’s very challenging for me is when we see Christians doing things that we know they know better! Gotta turn it over to Jesus.
Judge not or you will be judged
With what measure you make
It shall be measured to you again
Judge not…
Why watch the sins of our neighbor
Completely ignoring our own
Why do we stand there accusing
Are we ready to cast the first stone
Judge not…
How can we say we love Jesus
We love our invisible Lord
Yet won’t love our visible brother
Such lying cannot be ignored
Give and it will be given
Unto you again
Forgive and you’ll be forgiven
Condemn not, you’ll not be condemned
Judge not…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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