Jesus What More Can Be Said


  1. Jesus; What More Can Be Said Betsy Carter 2:34

Jesus – it says it all! Wonderful Savior; so much is contained and provided to us in one individual life. This song became the closing of the musical “Dear Master” and it concludes the longer version of “The Second Day”. When performed chorally, each line would be sung by a different soloist. I love this song. It often comes to mind.
Jesus; what more can be said
Jesus, the Living Bread
Jesus, the thousands fed
Jesus Who rose from the dead
Jesus; Who else do you need
Jesus; the captives freed
Jesus, on Calvary did bleed
Jesus, the Chosen Seed
Jesus, what else can we sing
Jesus, redemption to bring
Jesus, let rejoicing ring
Jesus, the Risen King
Jesus, what else can we sing…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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