Jesus First


  1. Jesus First Betsy Carter 3:36

My sister Sherrill (whose art work is on this website) was seeking direction and the Lord gave me this song for her. I am a “bottom line” type of person and I’m so glad the Lord makes things simple for me sometimes. If we seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, we’ll get where we need to go.
So many choices, so much to learn
So many forces, which way to turn
The way isn’t easy, decisions to make
How will you know the right road to take
Jesus first and all the rest
Of your life will fall right in place…
Growin’ ain’t easy and it never ends
‘Bout when you get started
Your troubles begin
But there is great wisdom available now
The ways of God’s Kingdom
He’ll show you how
Jesus first…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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