Jesus Came


  1. Jesus Came Betsy Carter 2:58

The thought came to me as I was reading Luke 19:10 that Yes, Jesus came to seek the lost person. But I think part of that and more is that He came to restore the lost worship relationship. The close intimate relationship had been lost and distorted and what Jesus did through His sacrificial death, burial and resurrection was to create a pathway for us once again to experience a deep, personal worship of our God.
Jesus came to seek and to save
Seek and to save, seek and to save
Jesus came to seek and to save
That which was lost
Jesus came…
Holy worship ’round God’s throne
Made for God and God alone
Sainted elders bowing down
Lifting hands and lowering crowns
Jesus came…
Beasts with eyes and creatures strange
Shouting holy is His Name
Mighty roarings, thundered voice
All as one repeat the chorus
Jesus came…
(spoken) Worship Jesus will restore
Fellowship in one accord
Eye to eye and toe to toe
God and man as long ago
(c) Betsy L Carter
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