1. Jennifer Betsy Carter 3:41

Our daughter is a lovely person and is the inspiration behind this song. The day she was born I rededicated my life to Jesus. I had lost two babies and I prayed that if God would give me a healthy baby, I would devote my life to His service. He did and I have endeavored to serve Him with all my heart from that moment. She and her brother are the joy of my life. I am truly blessed. Jennifer means “fair white lady”.
Oh the green shoe string
In my daughter’s hair
Matched the color of her eyes
And her hair fell down around her shoulders
Her old blue jeans
With the tattered knees
Never could disguise
The grace and the beauty of my daughter
Jennifer, fair white lady
Jennifer, and none could match the beauty
Of her golden hair on that summer’s day
Shining in the sun
And the joy of the dancing
In her laughter
Her voice so pure lilting through the air
Of the moment of our fun
In that day
with our fifteen-year-old daughter
Jennifer, fair white lady
Jennifer, we’ll cherish all the beauty
Of a green shoestring
From my daughter’s hair
And the color of her eyes
And her hair falling down
Around her shoulders
That golden day that our hearts replay
Always will remind her father
And her mother of our daughter
(c) Betsy L Carter
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