If I Should Die Tomorrow


  1. If I Should Die Tomorrow Betsy Carter 3:18

I never feared death very much, but I did have a tremendous desire to make my life of value. Jesus did that for me! When I had messed up everything but good, He took my mess and made it worthwhile. I can live every day without fear of tomorrow and without regrets for yesterday. That is a tremendous gift for our Lord to give us. Worry gives way to His peace. And our priorities get straightened out to line up with His. It’s great! And I am still growing in it.
If I should die tomorrow
I’ll not have lived in vain
Jesus saw to that, my friend
Can you say the same
He taught me how to live
One day at a time
And cherish each moment so rare
He taught me how to see
The birds and the trees
And smell every smell in the air
Since I will live forever
I’m in no rush at all
I’ll spend my days in worship
And lift my voice in song
He showed me how to pray
To praise Him every way
And be so thankful in my heart
He showed me how to love
To comfort and forgive
And give my heart away
If you should share the secret
Behind this simple song
Please join in and praise Him
Come and sing along
Glory hallelujah! Thank You Lord
For giving the gift of You
Praise You Jesus. Thank You Lord
For giving a song that’s new
If I should die tomorrow…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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