I Chose You


  1. I Chose You Betsy Carter 2:32

John chapter 15 is the original inspiration for my music ministry. We don’t choose what Jesus will do with our lives, He chooses what He will do with us (if we are willing!). He chooses us to bear fruit for His kingdom. John 8:31-32 are the verses my first adult Sunday school teacher, Bob Jackson, would use every Sunday to begin our class. He and his lovely wife Joyce were a wonderful inspiration. Though severely crippled, Bob had an abiding faith and trust in God. I learned so much about the Lord from him and God used it to deepen my faith.
If you continue in My Word
Then you’re my disciples indeed
And you shall know the truth
And the truth shall make you free
If you obey what I command
Then you’ll remain in Me
And you will know My joy
And My joy will be complete
I chose you to be free
To bear fruit, to be like Me
(c) Betsy L Carter
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