I Believe You Lord


  1. I Believe You Lord Betsy Carter 3:41

I was in a dark place of loss and confusion when I cried out to the Lord and this song came from that place. In the midst of despair it’s hard to sing, but I was determined to maintain my faith and trust in God. By singing despite my feelings, my feelings began to change and hope came. That’s one of the benefits of how the Lord can use music. One of my best friends told me this song helped her through a very difficult marital situation. I am so thankful.
I believe You Lord
Though everyone around me is
Stumbling to the ground
I will believe You Lord
And with each passing minute
My faith will rise up in it
And I will sing
Sing Your praises to the heavens
There’ll be no more remembering
Of former things
Your praises will surround me and
Raise me up on healing wings
I believe You Lord
I believe You Lord
Though everything around me is
Crumbling to the ground
I will believe You Lord…
I believe You, I believe You Lord…
And I will sing
(c) Betsy L Carter
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