Holy River


  1. Holy River Betsy Carter 4:41

This song sneaked up on me! As He gave me the verse I thought it was going to be about the river of His Spirit. Then as He gave me more of the words, I broke down sobbing. The river was His blood, pouring down and reaching the world in mercy and grace! It surprised me and touched my heart so deeply. It reminded me of the scene in Ben Hur where Jesus is on the cross and the rain pools down from Calvary’s hill and reaches out to a river. Only the river in my song is His holy blood.
Holy river come deliver me
Rush through this riverbed
My soul parched so hard
Needs Your well-springs blood
Holy river bring your living flood
Holy river, flowing down from off His brow
Holy river, from His feet onto the ground
Holy river, from the wellspring in His side
Flowing wide
Holy river discover for me
The breaking tide within
This dry and barren sand
Needs His bleeding hand
Holy river quench this thirsting land
Holy river, flowing down from off His brow…
Flowing wide, flowing wide…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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