Holy Ghost Graffiti


  1. Holy Ghost Graffiti Betsy Carter 3:18

Seeing some graffiti reminded me of how Jesus writes His laws on our hearts. He inspired not only the song, but we did a teen group presentation featuring spray painting a wall with love, peace, joy, salvation, etc. This was great in church, ha! But it was a wonderful illustration and group activity for them.
In our cities and towns the gangs mark off their turf
Painting the walls with their names and their warnings
But I’m with a group that’s been marked with new birth
We’re labeled the Saints and our Leader is painting
Holy Ghost graffiti: He’s writing in blood
Holy Ghost graffiti: True words of His love
Holy Ghost graffiti: We’re His kings and priests
His Word is within us, love, joy, peace, hey!
Holy Ghost graffiti: He’s taking His pen
Holy Ghost graffiti: writing life with no end
Holy Ghost graffiti: with His truth we abound
So we belong to the toughest bunch around
The old gang isn’t wanting to let us be free
Our hearts were the walls where they splattered their hating
But God has some whitewash called mercy and peace
He’s scrubbing our walls till their perfect for painting His
Holy Ghost graffiti: He’s writing in blood…
He writes saved (saved), healed (healed),
Delivered (delivered), filled (filled)…
He writes love (love) and His peace (peace)
And His joy (joy); He’s written in me His
Love (love) and His peace (peace)
And His joy ( joy) He’s written in me His
Holy Ghost Graffiti…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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