Hold On!


  1. Hold On Betsy Carter 3:48

I was coming through a difficult time and my Lord encouraged me to not give up. After sharing this song at church, a couple whose daughter had a brain tumor called me that evening asking for the words. Later they said that this song helped them to have hope, to “hold on” to the promises of the Lord. What an honor for me to have the Lord use it in such a precious way. The little girl came through, too, praise the Lord!
When you come to the place where desperation takes you
And beats you back against the wall
Frustration’s there to haunt you
Temptation’s there to taunt you
And you’re sure this time you’re gonna fall
Hold on, He’ll never let you down
He holds you in the palm of His hand
Hold on, He’ll never leave you nor forsake you
He’s there and you can rest, You’re in His plan
Just hold on
When you’re at the point in life
Where you feel trying’s useless
Your hoping against hope’s not worth the time
You know that you can’t do it
And you might as well be through with it
Then don’t you know your future’s looking fine
Hold on…
When you finally reach the point
Where all your efforts fail you
You’re in the place where Jesus can begin
He said “in all your weakness
My strength is made perfection”
There’s no way you can stop
You’re gonna win
Hold on…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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