Higher Hotter


  1. Higher Hotter Betsy Carter 2:57

I was in a recording session with my choir that lasted until 2 am. I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep. I knew I should go to sleep, but the creative anointing was flowing and I knew that using His music fueled me. There is a fire burning inside me, the zeal for God, to know Him more, to serve Him better, to use His gifts and talents in every way I can. I sat down at the piano in the middle of the night and this song flowed!
There’s a fire that’s burning inside me
And it won’t go away
A fire that’s burning brighter
With each passing day
The closer I get to Jesus
The higher the flame
It seems it should be dyin’
But it’s risin’ again
I can feel it burnin’ higher hotter
And it won’t go away
I can feel it burnin’ higher hotter
As I’m makin’ my way
Close to the side of my Jesus
Forever to stay
I can feel it burnin’ higher hotter
A sweet purging flame
There’s a driving, pushing yearning
In my heart to be used
A thirstin’ and a hunger to be
Livin’ the truth
The longer I serve my Jesus
The stronger it’s drive
‘Bout when it should be dyin’
It’s just comin’ alive
I can feel it burning’ higher hotter…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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