1. Gates Betsy Carter 4:18

Wow, this song brings conviction of my own heart. We are so guilty of shutting out those who are not like us. I don’t even think it’s necessarily a prejudice. It is that we get set in our ways and we like what we’re used to. We like what we can understand and we are uncomfortable with what we don’t understand. We want to go to a church where we feel comfortable. I think it’s human nature. But Jesus challenges us to welcome the unlovely. To open our doors to all persons, and not just our church building doors. The door of our own personal lives is the true challenge. I have been a ministry guest in many churches and I didn’t feel very welcomed in a few. Welcoming those who are not like us is step one of loving our neighbors as ourselves. I believe if the church would start actually loving people, we would see the kingdom come! I have an entire video presentation of this song in my heart and hope someday soon to produce it.
We are God’s stately building
Housing Royalty
Guilded, groomed and crafted
For all the world to see
But what are people seeing
Are they really welcome here
Have we gates for men to open
Or fences built of fear
Gates for men to open
Doors to let them in
Refuge for the weary ones
A haven with a friend
Gates for men to open
Doors to let them in
Passageways lit with love
With Jesus at the end
Though you’re just the smallest corner
Or a tiny balcony
Or maybe just a window
That people rarely see
You can be so clean and polished
That your transparency
Reveals the Light that beckons
And offers them the key to
Gates for men to open…
But the church cries “No!
We might be ransacked
No! We might be robbed
No! We might be vandalized
And our neighbors would be scandalized”
Gates for men to open…
We should be gates wide open
Lives like open doors
Open up yours
(c) Betsy L Carter
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