Far Beyond


  1. Far Beyond Betsy Carter 2:46

During personal worship at my piano, the Lord gave me Our God is a Holy God and Far Beyond as one experience. Later I felt they were two separate songs. This is a simple song of praise. I can never express enough, though I’d write a million songs, to tell of the splendor of our God. What a wonder He is! He is truly far beyond all we can express!
I’d love to write a song of praise
But words don’t seem enough
For He is far beyond what I could say
And as I look above
He’s far beyond the grandest song
The highest praise won’t tell it all
All His greatness and His power
If I could sing for hour upon hour
All the glory won’t tell the story
He’s far beyond
I’ll worship Him with songs of praise
Expressing joys profound
And then I’ll lift my heart and raise
The praises far beyond
Far beyond the grandest song…
He’s far beyond all I could hope for
Far beyond my fondest dreams
Far beyond, far beyond
(c) Betsy L Carter
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