Fall Upon His Grace


  1. Fall Upon His Grace Betsy Carter 4:32

The saving grace, apart from works, is a mysterious simplicity. There are differences in opinion about how far that grace goes. My personal heart’s conviction, based upon study and experience, is we are secure in our salvation through faith by His grace. If I can do anything to lose my salvation then it has an element of works involved. He keeps us. We are sealed. No one can snatch us from His hand. We can KNOW we have eternal life. I am so certain of this especially because when I realized this and believed it, I was transformed from fear to total surrender. Someone who continues in sin, I would argue, hasn’t ever truly known Him or experienced the supernatural rebirth. We serve and strive against sin because we love and are so grateful, not so that we can be saved.
When personal failure weighs your heart down
And guilt surrounds you with a heavy dark cloud
The mountain of problems looms higher than ever before
Your foothold is slipping
And you feel yourself about to fall
Fall upon your face, fall upon His grace
It’s not your works that save you
It won’t be works that will raise you
Fall upon your face, fall upon His grace
Fall upon the works of Christ
It’s grace that delivers the faintest of heart
And the riches of grace that is every believer’s part
He gives grace to the humble
Who will kneel upon their mountain
It’s the power of grace
That will bring about your salvation
Fall upon your face, fall upon His grace…
(spoken: It’s the grace of God that brings salvation Titus 2:11
If by grace then it is no longer by works Ro 11:6
Justified freely by His grace Ro 3:24)
(c) Betsy L Carter
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