Face in a Dream


  1. Face In A Dream Betsy Carter 2:38

This is one of my favorite songs the Lord has given me. It’s a yearning of my heart to see Jesus face to face. Struggling to obtain that prize of being with the Savior: that’s the Christian life! There’s a deep hunger in me to reach the goal of the prize of the high calling, amen! This flesh, this clay, needs to go! This song is the opener for the musical drama “Night Visions”. God has used this presentation to bring souls to Himself, praise God!
A struggle’s underway
It’s growing day to day
A fight through a medium of clay
The challenges are keen
It’s not what it would seem
It’s a search to see a face in a dream
A face in a dream
A face in a dream
Face bearing scars of the pain received
Loving lines folding ’round eyes undeceived
It’s the face yet only seen in a dream
One look into His eyes
Reveals our disguise
The mask on our passions and lies
The purity we deem impossible is seen
As an aura on a face in a dream
A face in a dream…
One day we will come to a place
Lighted with the glory from that face
Images hungered for in a dream
Will be seen, will be seen
A face in a dream…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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