Eyes of the Lion


  1. Eyes of the Lion Betsy Carter 3:35

During a sermon in my home church, I was suddenly inspired to write this song. I couldn’t put it down fast enough. At the time we had an excellent drummer who could perform exactly what I heard in my head. We shared it at that evening’s service. When the time in the song came for the “roar” of the crowd, the congregation literally roared with praises! It was an amazing move of God’s Spirit and I give Him all the praise and glory. I am always incredibly moved and amazed how He can use us if we are willing. I know my limitations very well. That’s why I know I “receive” songs rather than write them. I don’t possess the talent or skills except through Jesus! I love the word picture this song invokes. We, His church, do have His eyes to see the way He sees.
Eyes of the Lion, mighty Man of war
Cloaking with zeal by wielding His sword
Fire of the Lion. The zeal of fire is the shout
The shout is a roar
We have the eyes of the Lion
Stir up mighty Man of valor
Stir up great Commander in chief
Stir up with Your two-edged Sword
Stir up Your church as we shout with a roar
Baptize mighty Man of valor
Baptize great Commander in chief
Baptize mighty Man of war
Baptize Your church as we shout with a roar
(c) Betsy L Carter
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