Dry Bones


  1. Dry Bones Betsy Carter 3:35

During a revival meeting at an area church the Lord inspired this from Ezekiel for that specific city as a prophetic word of encouragement. The area had been hard hit economically and socially, and I believe the Lord was saying that it would come back to life again. How exciting! I shared it with the evangelist and the pastor of the church.
Say to the dry bones “restored”
Say to the dry bones
“Hear the Word of the Lord:
I will make breath enter you
And cover you with flesh that is new”
And you shall prophesy
Live! From four winds breathe upon dry bones
Live! We prophesy life
Live! Oh hear the Word of the sovereign Lord
Live! “I put my Spirit into you”
Say to the dry bones…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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