Doubtin’ Thomas


  1. Doubtin' Thomas Betsy Carter 4:33

This song originated in the most comical and remarkable way of any song I’ve ever received from the Lord. I was in the bathtub and noticed that my belly was pudgy and it bounced in the water. I started thinking of a bass line that went in time with my jiggling form! So silly, but I love this song. It speaks volumes of truth in a fun format. It reminds me that there were many people used mightily by God who at one time questioned and doubted. God used Balaam’s donkey, why not my chubby belly!!
You hear the promise
God’s seed of promise
You hear the promise
Then just like doubtin’ Thomas
You let them dirty birdies
Steal God’s Word
Doubtin’ Thomas believe in the promise
Oh doubtin’ Thomas stand on God’s promise
Believe the Word you’ve heard, oh
In the garden God looked around for Adam
God said where you been
That doubtin’ stuff began
Then ol’ Gideon mighty man of fleece
He said show me Lord just once more please
Doubtin’ Thomas…
You’ve heard old Sarah chuckled at
What God said He would do
And Jonah ran from Nineveh
Almost became fish stew, ooh
– ooh – ooh – ooh – ooh
(That’s really gross)
Zechariah, John the Baptists’ dad
Couldn’t believe what the angel said
God is able through your elderly spouse
And Zechariah said well, shut my mouf!
Beware of living in the land of faith and doubt
‘Cause Jesus said you’re lukewarm
I’ll spew you out
(That is not a good thing)
Then just like Doubtin’ Thomas
You let them dirty birdies steal God’s Word
Blessed is the person who has never seen
And yet is persuaded to fully believe
No more doubtin’ Thomas, I believe
Believe in the promise, though I have not seen
No more doubtin’ Thomas…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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