1. Destiny Betsy Carter 3:43

While watching a popular, dynamic minister on TV, I was inspired by her exhortation on our destiny in Christ. We are destined to be conformed to the image of His Son. I personally do not believe in predestination in the sense that we do not have a choice to be saved, but I do believe there is a destiny for each believer and that destiny is holiness in the image of His Son. Whatever course we take God directs us to the way that will make us more like Jesus. Our “greatness” is because we are IN CHRIST, seated with Him in Heavenly places!
Destined for greatness
Destined for nobility
Destined for prosperity
Conformed to His image is my destiny
(destiny, destiny, destiny)
Walking in power, free from my history
Glory to glory
Changing to who I’m meant to be
Finding my purpose
Fear has no hold on me
Loving and loving
Yielding to holy destiny
Destined for greatness…
Transforming power
Healed of my misery
Moment by moment
Growing in all He has for me
Finding His answers
Knowing His liberty
Precept on precept
Living in holy destiny
And only God Himself can fulfill
The vision and the blessing
Still to come
Still to come
Destined for greatness…
Destined for greatness
(c) Betsy L Carter
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