Dear Master


  1. Dear Master Betsy Carter 3:43

The Scripture in John where Jesus declared that we must “eat” His flesh and “drink” His blood was an offense and most of those following Him went away. His poignant question to those who remained “will you also go away” and Peter’s reply of “where else can we go” struck me so deeply. Peter believed in Who Jesus really was. Jesus understands desertion and betrayal more than any of us ever will. He is our Dear Master Who has the Words of eternal life. This song lead to the musical drama “Dear Master” and later to the one-person presentation “The Second Day”.
Dear Master, where else can we go
Who else holds the words of eternal life
Dear Master, no one but You
Can show us the way of truth
You lived here among us
Going about doing good
Healing the sick and raising the dead
You showed us how You could
Give life to one and all
Dear Master…
So many have rejected You
But we cannot leave
You chose us and we’ll follow You
Because we believe You
And know You are the Son of God
It seemed You had deserted us
But only for a short time
Your promise of comfort and hope
Filled us with new wine
You gave us lives of power
Dear Master, though no one else cares
Though all of the world is in unbelief
We’ll follow for no one but You
Can show us the way of truth
(c) Betsy L Carter
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