Cover Me


  1. Cover Me Betsy Carter 4:50

The precious scene of the desire of Moses to see God, to know him closer, inspired this song. I feel this is one of the most beautiful songs the Lord has ever given me. It has truth from three different Scriptures which seems to promise God’s covering of care for us. They are three very intimate one-on-one encounters. Moses wanted to see Him and God protected Him from the dangerous power of His manifest Presence. Then the wonderful story of Boaz covering Ruth with his cloak, a promise of his care and commitment, just as we are our Redeemer Kinsman’s Bride. Then Mary Magdalene was the first one to meet the risen Savior, covering her pain and anguish with joy! His promise is new life forevermore to we who will accept and believe.
On the cleft of the rock
The cleft that is Christ
Your hand falls gently and covers me
And You never lift it
Except for the time
You allow me to glimpse Your glory
Cover me, cover me
With Your hand
Secure and eternal, hidden I am
Until I see Your glory
Cover me, cover me with Your hand
I come in the night
To the place where You rest
I bow low and nestle against Your feet
You are my near Kinsman
You will redeem as with Your mantle
You cover me
Cover me, cover me…
Early in mourning to the place of death
I fall down and weep, longing for You
Heartsick, forsaken I turn as I hear
Your voice call my name
And I know You are near
Cover me, cover me…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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