Christmas in August


  1. Christmas in August Betsy Carter 3:44

This is one of the few songs I sat down and wrote purposely. I was scheduled to do one secular song in addition to Christian songs at a women’s meeting. The theme for the meeting was Christmas in the summer. So this silly song was born. I still tried to make it mean something. It was a hit! First released on “Gifts From Earth” it is now available on “Gifts From Earth – Regifted”
Narration: I had a dream the other night that beginning in the new millenium Christmas was going to be celebrated in August. Well, I got up and after a cup of hot cocoa to wake me up, I sat down at the piano and wrote this song…
I wrote this little ditty
To show my great pity
For anyone who has to celebrate
Christmas too early in the year
Christmas in December’s
The one I remember, but in August
Uh, excuse me, but that is extreme
I mean
As a Yankee, I can just imagine
Visions of Rudolph Reindeer
With his nose no longer red
Splashing the waves of Maui
On his surfboard hanging ten (Weeeh!)
And you know what else
An August Christmas could be tragic
Think about it
Frosty the liquid is a very different soul
(Oh dear me)
With a scarf and a hat that are very damp
In a puddle with two lumps of coal
(Glub, glub)
How sad. And speaking of sad
Here comes Santa Claus
Here comes Santa Claus
oh what a dreadful sight
Knobby knees and vericose veins
In Bermuda shorts a fright
(Ho ho ho) Well
The Christmas tree still looks the same
But I like snow and cold (Brrrrrr)
A Christmas like they have in Florida
Is for when I’m very old
But you know what
Since there’s no
Christmas shopping rush in August
Would we miss the chance to go, oh dear
Dashing to the mall to the newest toy display
Fighting other moms (I saw it first)
(No you didn’t) in a
Knock-down-drag-out fray, oh
I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
So shop till you drop from the heat (ouch)
But I would like to repeat
That I prefer Christmas in December
Thank you, but always remember
To keep that spirit of giving all year long
You know what, I don’t even
Believe in Santa Claus!
(c) Betsy L Carter
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