1. Celebrate Betsy Carter 2:51

In studying the book of the Revelation, I was inspired to write this worship. We have a great hope for our future. A day when the lion will certainly lie down with the lamb and peace and joy will abound. It’s coming! He’s coming! It is the revelation of Jesus Christ, Who IS the Lion and Lamb. “The purposes of God: total healing”! Healing in all it’s forms, including the resolution of Adam’s fall. And right now the kingdom of God is upon us, His believers, and within us. We are a chosen generation. Glory! It’s time to celebrate with all we are! This song was on the album “Totally Loved”, then on “Still Totally Loved”.
Celebrate! (celebrate) Celebrate! (celebrate)
Celebrate you chosen generation
Celebrate! (celebrate) Celebrate! (celebrate)
Celebrate the coming revelation
The Kingdom of God is upon us
The majesty of God surrounds us
The Spirit of God within us
So rejoice! (rejoice) Rejoice! (rejoice)
Celebrate! (celebrate) Celebrate!…
The mystery of God He’s revealing
The promises of God He is sealing
The purposes of God: total healing
So rejoice! (rejoice) Rejoice! (rejoice)
When Christ is come and all have bowed down
The lion with the lamb
Then peace will abound
And joy will be found in the
Hearts of all man (celebrate)
Celebrate! (celebrate) Celebrate!…
Welcome to the celebration
(Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate, celebrate)
(c) Betsy L Carter
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