Bread ‘n Lentil Stew


  1. Bread 'n Lentil Stew Betsy Carter 2:44

The story of Jacob and Esau used to amaze me. How could Esau give up his birthright for some food? But then I look in the mirror, oops! We have so many things like food that sometimes compromise our commitment to the Lord. We get so worldly minded that we become no heavenly good (always hear it the other way around, but once in awhile we ought to be heavenly minded, right?) This is a fun song, though, and when I’m dieting I usually am humming the line “whose god is their belly”..ouch!
Bread ‘n lentil stew
Bread ‘n lentil stew
What would you be willing to do
For bread ‘n lentil stew
Would you sell your birthright
Your blessing too
For bread ‘n lentil
Bread ‘n lentil
Bread ‘n lentil stew
Smooth, smooth Jacob
Mighty fine cook
Brother Esau shoulda looked
Before he bit, but
Then he was hooked
Sold his birthright
You might say snookered
Too smooth Jacob
Helped by his mom
Dressed up hairy
Brought dad some
Find tastin’ meat
Esau was beat right
Out of his blessing
He shouldn’t oughta
Been messing with that
Bread ‘n lentil stew…
Whose god is their belly
Bread ‘n lentil stew
(c) Betsy L Carter
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