Bow Down


  1. Bow Down Betsy Carter 4:21

Sometimes in bringing our bodies low, we humble ourselves and give an outward expression of the reverence we feel inside for our God. This song encourages us to give Him the glory due Him. As the custom is still to bow before a king, so we shall honor His Majesty.
Bow down and worship
The Lord upon His throne
Bow low and honor the King
Draw near and reverence
The Lamb for sinners slain
Give Him glory
Give Him glory
Bow down…
He reigns
Bow down, bow down, bow down
Bow down in worship, bow down
Bow down in honor, bow down
Bow down in reverence, bow down
Bow down, He’s worthy, bow down
Bow down, give Him glory, bow down
Bow down, He reigns!  bow down
(c) Betsy L Carter
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