Answering Door, The


  1. Answering Door Betsy Carter 3:18

My brother Steve has a really good voice. We sang together all the time as kids. When he came to live with us, I wanted to share a song with him at church. The Lord gave me this one about my salvation experience. We had grown up learning evolution at home from our father. I had so many questions that didn’t seem to have answers. But Jesus was the Door that opened to all the answers I needed. One of my favorite scriptures is “come let us reason together”. I was sure I didn’t have to throw away intellect to believe. God met me where I was and set my feet on His path, first through reason, and then through my heart.
Hey, hey, oooh
I have new awareness
I’ve made the fresh start
Life has new meaning
I now have a heart
I can see my way clearer
Than ever before
I finally stepped through
The answering door
I care where before
Was numbness or pain
I know that my struggling
Was only in vain
For the joy and peace
And security
That I sought for was never
No, never in me
The Answering Door
Is Jesus my friend
He’ll answer your questions
Your life He will mend
With the love that inspires Him
To call upon You
And to give to make your whole
Future brand new
Hey, hey, oooh. Hey, hey, oooh
And now that I know
What I’m all about
I can help all the others
Who’re struggling find out
That there is someone out there
Who knows how you feel
He’s Jesus the Savior
And He’s really real
The Answering Door…
The Answering Door is Jesus my friend…
The Answering Door is Jesus
Hey, hey, oooh
(c) Betsy L Carter
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