Always Matters


  1. Always Matters Betsy Carter 4:30

Especially in the day-to-day working world, it was difficult for me to keep my focus on my purposes in the Lord. He reminded me that anything worthy that I would do, if I did it because of or mindful of my love for Him, would matter in His kingdom. When I had very tough, stressful days in the secular job I had at that time, it made everything worthwhile. And sometimes we reach out in love, sacrificing ourselves, for seemingly nothing. But the Lord sees and He knows our hearts and He honors our efforts. I have often had to remind myself of this in ministry. This song was first released on “Traveling With God”.
It always, always matters
Always matters
If it’s done for love of Jesus
Always, always matters
Always matters if it’s done
For love
Always shining
Like a candle in the dark
Hope igniting
From the tiniest of spark
Ever searching through the
Muddle in a heart
For the tender hidden part
Always giving
Wanting nothing in return
No one noticed
That your loving was spurned
It doesn’t hurt you
‘Cause you love them in pursuit
Of the One Who sees the truth
That it always, always matters…
Martyred witness
Pain expressed in a prayer
No one listens
Doesn’t seem that they care
And there’s a dying
Only few can even share
But the Lord will always hear
As it continues
Like a shot in the night
Trailing sparkles
Like a star out of sight
There’s a glimmer
Of the hope that is your light
And the Kingdom never dies
And it always, always matters…
What you do may seem so small
But to God it may be all important
So don’t give up, give it all
‘Cause it always, always matters…
(c) Betsy L Carter
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