Albums in order of release, newest first.
THE GREAT I AM. Exalting the Deity and glory of Jesus Christ. “He is the Truth”.  This Album is released with “Branches” as the artist. “Branches” is me and my son Nick Carter and this album features his great talent. It is high worship and praise, as well as encouragement for us when we go through grief, disappointment and difficulty. As Minister of Music, I led many worship services and thankfully these songs were used powerfully by the Holy Spirit.
STILL TOTALLY LOVED. A re-release of “Totally Loved” with new tracks. Once you understand God’s love for you, you can openly and freely love Him, others, and yourself.  King! King! is probably my most widely used song.
MOVING UP AND ONWARD. Encouragement for today’s church on the move!  “Moving up and onward in the power of the Lord”.
LOVE LETTERS. This most personal of my albums features love songs to my husband and children, as well as the memorial song “My Champion” to my sweet sister Sherrill who went to Heaven too soon. Experience some of Sherrill’s Art. The Holy Scriptures is our love letter from the Lord, the most personal relationship we can have.
EYES OF THE LION. Inspirational power worship and praise focusing on the might and glory of our Lion of Judah. “Faithful and True” is one of my most used and loved songs. We have the “eyes of the lion”!
TRAVELING WITH GOD AGAIN. we tend to struggle with juggling the demands of this life without allowing the world to sap our spiritual strength. He is our constant friend, traveling with us in every adventure, on every journey. “Remind me, behind me, there’s your Spirit” He is truly our rear guard, as well as going before us, and dwelling in us! Hallelujah! Re-release of “Traveling With God”
KNOWING JESUS. Perhaps THE MOST important songs in changing my Christian life. We must know Him better everyday. As we learn of Him and flourish in an intimate relationship with Him, then we will know truth and freedom. I thank God I am still growing in the knowledge of His Son!
HOLY GHOST GRAFFITI. A collection of really interesting, different, fun and challenging songs. I LOVE this album. He’s writing His graffiti on our hearts: love, joy, health and peace, Amen! One of my favorites is “My Four Cats”. What a fun way of remembering how He feels about us, His children.
GIFTS FROM EARTH, Regifted. Family Christmas album features my son Nick, daughter Jennifer and good friend Richard Ladd. It is a re-release (get the “regifted”?!) of “Gifts from Earth” with additional tracks.
WORSHIPPING YOU ALONE. We worship Him only, as well as worship Him when we are alone. “Only You can take this heart and make it Your own”.  Songs about worship and of worship to usher us into His extraordinary Presence.
VESSEL FOR HONOR. We must take our brokenness, our broken vessels, and yield them to His master hands to craft us into who He desires us to be. These songs are probably from the very deepest places of my spirit towards God and sometimes it’s painful to “take up our cross”. He heals the brokenness we bring to Him, then gently breaks us again to remold us.
LISTENING (to the Heart of God). This is my heart’s desire: to be so close that I can “hear His heart-beat”. I want to hear Him clearly and the way I have learned to do this is to read and study His Word. Many of the songs are based directly on God’s Word. This album cover has me “listening” to my Bible…that’s the key!
MUSICALS. Songs from “By Faith” (from Heb 11) and “Night Visions”. I have been privileged to be a Minister of Music with choirs and drama teams to work with. What a joy to present these power musical dramas. They have been used to bring many to Christ. There’s something about the visual with the audio that is POWERFUL! One day soon I hope to add videos of these great musicals to my website.
THE SECOND DAY complete musical drama. This is a version of “Dear Master”, a musical drama by my good friend Pam Hill and me. It was performed with a large cast, then the Lord directed me to make it a one-person presentation.  I shared it many times and the Lord blessed it so much that one lady told me she could “see Jesus” through it!  Jesus crucified Day 1, risen Day 3. How did those disciples cope on that “Second Day”. This is great encouragement for those of us who go through difficult days. It has a resurrection theme.  The lyrics to the Jesus’ mother Mary’s song “To a Little Boy” are from a poem of my mother Stena’s.  Enjoy her poetry at Stena’s Poems.