1. Accuser Betsy Carter 3:18

I felt so strongly that many times we blame God for the things that happen, rather than attributing the blame to who it belongs, sometimes ourselves, sometimes others and most of the time, behind it all, the “accuser”! He wants us so much to resent God, to blame our Father Whose true character is revealed in His Word. But many times we neglect to learn enough about Him to recognize that He is not the originator of the mess! ┬áThen we talk against God, against others, and say things about ourselves that are damaging and hurtful.
Don’t be deceived!

It’s always been the same with him
Deception is his game
The garden serpent tempting sin
Accuser is his name
Coaxing us to question God
A tree to make one wise
And somehow we believe in all his lies
Accuser – beware of the betrayer
The reputation slayer
Accuser – father of the liar
A tongue set on fire
Accuser – accuser of the brethren
Accuser of God
He comes to us in many forms
The devil in disguise
A friend like Job’s to rub it in
With slander in his eyes
But most of all he wants to use
Your tongue against the Lord
Don’t let him twist your double-edged sword
Accuser – beware…
Close your ears to enticing jeers
He’s a deadly and poisonous fraud
Rumor’s voice is an ugly choice
Don’t take part in attacks on your God
So each time there’s a choice, my friend
Resist his ruthless game
A restless evil’s in the tongue
Deadly poison’s aim
We’re coming to unmask his plot
To steal away your joy
Guard your tongue against ol’ Satan’s ploy
Accuser – beware….
Accuser – beware the great pretender
The selfishness defender
Accuser – restless evil
Accuser – deadly poison
Accuser – gossip’s cancer
Accuser – beware ….
He’ll lie to win your favor
Then crucify your neighbor
Beware of the deceiver,
The subtle unbeliever
Accuser – father of the liar
A tongue set on fire
Accuser – accuser of the brethren
Accuser of God
(C) Betsy L Carter
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