A Child’s Heart


  1. A Child's Heart Betsy Carter 3:42

The hard hearted attitude of a lady I knew and her scorn of another’s childlike faith prompted the inspiration for this simple song. We are to come to Jesus as children do: open and ready to believe. This is hard for most. It was hard for me and I still struggle sometimes because I am of a naturally cynical nature. I’ve had to repent of it many times! Jesus is patient with me.
What’s happened to our child’s heart
To our willingness to believe
Have we become ‘sophisticated’
We don’t need to be naive
Are we so terribly wise
Do we know the way so well
That nothing can surprise
Do we quench our enthusiasm
And smugly laugh at others’ dreams
Because they’re trusting
Where we wish we could
Oh but what foolishness it seems
Jesus said don’t be guilty
Of harming His little ones
He wasn’t talking only age there
The young at heart is what He wants
When we’ve become too proud
To weep with pure delight
Or too cynically minded
To be glad our hearts are right
Then we’re needing to be humbled
To repent before our King
And ask Him for a child’s heart that’s willing
To believe for everything
(c) Betsy L Carter
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